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About Bubble Theatre

Mission Statement

Bubble Theatre is driven by a commitment to inclusivity, the celebration of the human condition, and the cultivation of quality theatrical productions. 

Our mission is to be a haven for creative expression, empowering individuals from all walks of life, particularly those on the fringes of society who have historically been overlooked or marginalized. 

Our theatre is a sanctuary where emerging artists, unheard voices, and unconventional thinkers can come together to shape and showcase their stories.

Megan Parker

Artistic Director

Megan Parker is a theatre artist and the co-founder of Bubble Theatre alongside her delectable partner, Jack. She is a teacher with 8 years of experience. Throughout her career, Megan has received awards for Excellence in Design and Directing from the North Carolina Theatre Conference. Megan currently lives in Decatur, Georgia with her partner Jack, two dogs: Daphne and Stella, and a very temperamental cat named Mama. 

Instagram: @mparkerataoldotcom

Jack Pearson

Artistic Director

Jack Pearson is an actor and musician from Charlotte, NC. Jack has been doing shows since childhood, accruing regional theatre and national touring credits from Triad Stage, and Bright Star Touring Theatre. He is a co-founder of Bubble Theatre alongside his incredible partner, Megan. Currently, Jack is recording and releasing music under the name Jimmy Johns Misty, and wrote original music and melodies for this show. Jack lives in Decatur, GA with his pets and his partner.

Instagram: @jimmyjohnsmisty